Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
Filming for the Documentary

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Burying Sundance

Today we Placed Great Grandpa William Henry Long AKA The Sundance kid back in his resting place in Duchesne Utah.
We had a custom made Pine box created just for him. The original pine Box was destroyed over the years due to the flooding of the cemetery.

The attending family members pulled Sundance in this Beautiful Vintage Hearse.   

So many feelings as Family gathered once again at the cemetery. 

first.. to dig up a descendant with a questionable past. Searching for answers... Was Great Grandpa an Outlaw?  With the technology and forensic science we have today the hope was to find those answers. Once again reunited the family placed his bones back into the ground as the final resting place of The Sundance Kid. 
Many descendants came out to honor this great man as the husband, father, uncle, brother, Grandfather, friend and "Outlaw" that he was.  

Each taking a moment to pound a nail to close the casket for good.

Pondering on the new information that Bill Long didn't take his own life all those years ago, He was murdered. Jerry Nickle has much new information for a book he is writing. "The Sundance Kid, My Great Grandfather to be released about May of 2013. For Info on the book go to our Facebook page

Mary Kaye is a local favorite!  Singer/songwriter who shares the stories of the West in music and song. She now resides on a 100 year old pioneer homestead in Central Utah with her husband, Brad Knaphus, and their ten children.
She honored The Sundance Kid through song today and entertained us all with her Musical Gifts and Talents. 

Jerry has lots of plans in his future. A book, documentary and maybe even a Movie. We will keep you posted.
 On the left is Jerry Nickle, Great Grandson of The Sundance Kid!
If you would like to contribute in any way please check out our Kickstarter Project for a TV show

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Digging up Sundance

Duchesne Cemetery... Utah 


Court order in hand. It's time to exhume a body. 

The findings set fire a Book, Documentary and a TV Pilot. If you are interested in learning more... We would love your support! Check out our Kickstarter page for videos and updates on our project

Forensics Team from Sorenson Genomics on site to ensure everything is done right 

The old wooden casket is completely destroyed. Apparently the Cemetery floods every year so water has rotted away at it over time.

Great Grandson Jerry Nickle holding the bones of his Great Grandfather William Henry Long. Soon to discover "The Outlaw Sundance Kid". The Book was born along with an Author. For info on Jerry's book soon to be released watch out Face book page at Outlaw Stories of the Wild West

Looks as if Great Grandpa Bill Long is smiling. Today is the day his story unfolds.
Loading him up and headed for the lab where the truth is discovered....

                                                                        More to come!

Professional shots from the documentary Shoot in Heber City Utah with the Cowboys of Extreme Outlaw Rides

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modern day Outlaws, Robbin' Banks & Trains

Cowboys came from all over the state of Utah to be a part of this exciting breakthrough that will change History as we know it about outlaw The Sundance Kid. He lived in Utah... He had a family...  He died in Utah...

We spent the day in Heber City Utah with the famous Heber Creeper train.
We set up the day to rob trains and Banks as a bunch of modern day outlaws. 
F.Y.I. you can rent a train for the day! 

These are a few of the "Extra's" hired by Mike Karr of Scene by Scene Productions, They did a great job on the filming and photographs. 

This all started when Jerry Nickle went on a journey to discover who his Great Grandfather really was, and when he did it was a heck of a story!!! Jerry's book is due to release soon. We'll keep you posted on where and when you can get it. You wont wanna miss this real life story as it unfolds, it even ends with a murder... 

The Horses and riders for Jerry's documentary were all supplied by Extreme Outlaw Rides here in Utah. They use many adopted Wild mustangs in the video and pictures so see if you can figure out which ones they are. These are amazing animals that are part of Americas History that once roamed FREE on american soil and now are given a life, to learn to trust and discover a new way of being. 

The beautiful Buckskin in the middle lives on the Wild West Mustang Ranch right here in Utah and is a Wild Mustang. Her name is Cassidy, adopted by West Taylor in 2010 from the BLM. She is from the Onaqui Herd in Utah

For more info on Jerry's Book and many more Outlaw Stories of the Wild West check out our Facebook page  
The next step in our journey is to create a TV pilot to send out to many interested networks and show Hollywood how we do it out here in the West.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Modern day Cowboys runnin to The Roost

Every Spring and every fall the Cowboys of Wild West Mustang Ranch get itchin to head on out to Gods country and ride around the Old Outlaws playground at The Robber's Roost. It's just too hot to be riding around in the heat of the summer and the Desert Winters are way too dangerous to get caught out in.
 As you can see everyone enjoys coming to The Roost. Mom's, Dads, Kids, in laws and Outlaws. There's something for everyone. Riding, Hiking, Driving tours, We even had a local artist Kami Taylor come out and paint a desert landscape right here in camp.
The riding can get a bit hairy at times and there's no shame in getting off and walking a bit. 

No matter how many times we see the Wild Burro's out here at the Roost it never gets old. Watching them is quite entertaining and if your lucky enough to see the babys they are darn cute. They look like a bunch of Giant rabbits.

Always fun to see who gets a little crazy and can do the biggest jumps. Lots of Rock Hoppin going on. This is not for all to do but its amazing just to stand around and watch. 

 Some just come to sit and enjoy the peace and the quiet of the great outdoors. It's the perfect place to just sit back meditate or just read a good book.
 We always have a great time around the campfire, good company great food, some amazing stories and if your lucky we'll be having a Dutch oven full of Mutton, taters and my wife's famous cobbler.
 Check out our Kickstarter Project on how to support our up coming TV Pilot on Outlaw Stories of the Wild WestHope to see ya all out to The Robber's Roost! 

                                This Photo was taken at the Famous Motel 6 out at Robber's Roost

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This aint no ordinary Outlaw....

Ann Bassett, also known as Queen Ann Bassett, was a prominent female rancher ( and Cattle rustler) of the Old West. She was raised in Brown's Park, it was known as a haven for Outlaws such as Butch and Sundance during the late 19th century, it is now the location of a National Wildlife Refuge. Ann could out ride and shoot with any man. As a young woman she ran more than one herd over a cliff. Later as she realized their value and she stole her fair share of cattle.

She and her sister Josie Bassett, were considered female outlaws and girlfriends to several of Cassidy's 
                                                                 "Wild Bunch gang."

During one of Cassidy's visits to Browns Park he developed a close relationship with Ann, and it was likely during the winter of 1896-97 that she first used the alias "Etta Place". That winter Place turned up in Emery County as Cassidy's companion. Apparently the lovers shared a cabin at Robber's Roost, the famous outlaw hideout in southeastern Utah, with Elzy Lay and his new bride, Maude Davis, and other gang members. 

She was warned by Tom Hicks (Tom Horn) to leave that country for parts unknown within 30 days or be killed. Mysteriously, news of Etta Place largely disappeared after a few more rendezvous in the early 20th century with Sundance, and possibly Cassidy, south of the border (Bolivia). Etta Place remains one of the great history mysteries of the old west. The answer to the question "Who was Etta Place?" may never be known

For more information a book is about to be released and you can get it at Outlaw Stories of the Wild West. A Documentary on the whole project is being created by Mike Karr of Scene by Scene Productions and the Horses and riders were all supplied by Extreme Outlaw Rides here in Utah. If you would like to support our endeavor check out our Kickstarter Project 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Cowboy's saddle

          Outlaw Story of the day...

A Cowboy's saddle was his pride and joy.There were many good saddle builders back in the day. A 14 inch swell, a long tree, and a high cantle, it's a working cattleman's saddle. Butch Cassidy had a favorite saddle, and it is said, he cared little for those he found in Bolivia. The tree from his favorite saddle to this day is called "The Butch Cassidy" These guys lived in the saddle, and believe you me they KNEW what did and did-not work. These outlaws pulled off some of the most famous rides in history.

This is a photo of one of the guys from Extreme Outlaw Rides that has worked with Outlaw Stories of the Wild West in creating some amazing horse and rider footage for a documentary and a Pilot for a TV show that is in the making! Check it out on the Kickstarter page 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gunshot, Camp fire and a wedding

It is winter 1891 in Wayne County Utah, Luzernia Morrell, her crippled husband Silas and their 4 children leave the bitter cold in search of a warmer climate for Silas. His health has been getting worse since the accident a few years ago at the Fremont, Utah saw mill. A log was set loose on the saw table prior to Silas being ready for it...the log crashed into Silas mid section breaking his back.

                    "Photo of Saw Mill as it looks today "just below current day "Mill Meadow Reservoir"

 From that day on, he relied totally on his wife Luzernia for his care. The Morrell Family loaded the buck board wagon and left Fremont Utah, headed to old mexico. A major twist of fate was about to come upon Luzernia....This is how she meet and eventually married Bill Long aka The Sundance Kid. While in route to, what the family was expecting to be a new life in old Mexico a small detail had to be handled. Ernest Morrell was born along side the buck board wagon. Can you imagine being the mother of 4 children, caregiver to your husband, traveling across country in a wagon and then on top of all that being pregnant!!
                                                "Luzernia and the children sitting under a tree"

 Luzernia was traveling with her brother and brother in law, good thing cause she was bout to give birth to young Ernest. The men found a suitable place to turn the wagon on its side, there among the sage brush, cactus, and junipers Ernest was born. No doctors, no sterile room, no nurses, just life as the Morrell family struggled for survival. The family continued on to Cortez Colorado, here they were out of money and in a desperate state. Silas health was getting worse, the mental situation had to be extreme. Luzernia decides that the family is going back to Fremont, they just cant make the long trip! Before turning back, they needed supplies. Clara at the age of 9 yrs old was sent into town to "find work" she was the only one in the family that was able to work. Young Clara secured a house keeping job at a residence in Cortez. One evening while the family was camped outside Cortez, a young cowboy stumbled into camp, stumbling because he had a bullet wound to his right knee.

The cowboy stated that some men were after him and he needed to hide. Luzernia took care of the cowboys wound, bandaged and stopped the bleeding, then hid him amongst her supplies at the wagon until it was clear the next morning. Clara left camp that morning to tend to her duties at the residence in Cortez, upon arrival she discovered a shocking site for any 9 yr old girl. She walked into the kitchen to discover that someone had tried to clean up blood. There were smears of blood across the kitchen floor and out the back door. She followed the blood trail to the back yard where she discovered two freshly dug graves, then she remembers the wounded cowboy that came into her families camp the night before, was he involved? Did he kill the two men that buried in the back yard? Is this his blood that is all over the kitchen? Who is this cowboy that hiding with my family? Yup, this is how Luzernia meet her future husband, Bill Long, aka The Sundance Kid! Bill traveled along with the Morrell family on their return to Wayne County as far as Moab. Luzernia, Silas and the kids made it back to their homestead in Fremont. Silas died just two years later due to the injuries he suffered at the saw mill.

Silas headstone as it appears today in the Fremont City Cemetery.
Headstone quote..."The Best the dearest favorite of the Sky, Must Taste that cup, for man must die."

Bill later worked at "Paradise Ranch"(shown above) bustin broncs for the cattle outfit. Paradise Ranch is a days ride north of Fremont, located along hi-way 72 just north of Hogan Pass. Stories tell that Bill would ride his horse all the way to Fremont every few weeks to get his "hair cut"...wonder who was cutting his hair??? I'm bettin Luzernia was pretty handy with a pair of scissors :) Bill and Luzernia were married shortly after Silas's death in 1893.

                                                Bill and Luzernia posing with a giant pumpkin

 It was well known that The Sundance Kid had a gunshot wound to his right knee. During the forensic reports of Bill Longs remains, the right knee of Bill Long had a gunshot wound that matched the description of the the gunshot wound of The Sundance Kid. This along with the matching photos is part of the story of discovering The Sundance Kid.

For more information a book is about to be released and you can get it at Outlaw Stories of the Wild West. A Documentary on the whole project is being created by Mike Karr of Scene by Scene Productions and the Horses and riders were all supplied by Extreme Outlaw Rides here in Utah. If you would like to support our endeavor check out our Kickstarter Project