Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Burying Sundance

Today we Placed Great Grandpa William Henry Long AKA The Sundance kid back in his resting place in Duchesne Utah.
We had a custom made Pine box created just for him. The original pine Box was destroyed over the years due to the flooding of the cemetery.

The attending family members pulled Sundance in this Beautiful Vintage Hearse.   

So many feelings as Family gathered once again at the cemetery. 

first.. to dig up a descendant with a questionable past. Searching for answers... Was Great Grandpa an Outlaw?  With the technology and forensic science we have today the hope was to find those answers. Once again reunited the family placed his bones back into the ground as the final resting place of The Sundance Kid. 
Many descendants came out to honor this great man as the husband, father, uncle, brother, Grandfather, friend and "Outlaw" that he was.  

Each taking a moment to pound a nail to close the casket for good.

Pondering on the new information that Bill Long didn't take his own life all those years ago, He was murdered. Jerry Nickle has much new information for a book he is writing. "The Sundance Kid, My Great Grandfather to be released about May of 2013. For Info on the book go to our Facebook page

Mary Kaye is a local favorite!  Singer/songwriter who shares the stories of the West in music and song. She now resides on a 100 year old pioneer homestead in Central Utah with her husband, Brad Knaphus, and their ten children.
She honored The Sundance Kid through song today and entertained us all with her Musical Gifts and Talents. 

Jerry has lots of plans in his future. A book, documentary and maybe even a Movie. We will keep you posted.
 On the left is Jerry Nickle, Great Grandson of The Sundance Kid!
If you would like to contribute in any way please check out our Kickstarter Project for a TV show

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Digging up Sundance

Duchesne Cemetery... Utah 


Court order in hand. It's time to exhume a body. 

The findings set fire a Book, Documentary and a TV Pilot. If you are interested in learning more... We would love your support! Check out our Kickstarter page for videos and updates on our project

Forensics Team from Sorenson Genomics on site to ensure everything is done right 

The old wooden casket is completely destroyed. Apparently the Cemetery floods every year so water has rotted away at it over time.

Great Grandson Jerry Nickle holding the bones of his Great Grandfather William Henry Long. Soon to discover "The Outlaw Sundance Kid". The Book was born along with an Author. For info on Jerry's book soon to be released watch out Face book page at Outlaw Stories of the Wild West

Looks as if Great Grandpa Bill Long is smiling. Today is the day his story unfolds.
Loading him up and headed for the lab where the truth is discovered....

                                                                        More to come!

Professional shots from the documentary Shoot in Heber City Utah with the Cowboys of Extreme Outlaw Rides