Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
Filming for the Documentary

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modern day Outlaws, Robbin' Banks & Trains

Cowboys came from all over the state of Utah to be a part of this exciting breakthrough that will change History as we know it about outlaw The Sundance Kid. He lived in Utah... He had a family...  He died in Utah...

We spent the day in Heber City Utah with the famous Heber Creeper train.
We set up the day to rob trains and Banks as a bunch of modern day outlaws. 
F.Y.I. you can rent a train for the day! 

These are a few of the "Extra's" hired by Mike Karr of Scene by Scene Productions, They did a great job on the filming and photographs. 

This all started when Jerry Nickle went on a journey to discover who his Great Grandfather really was, and when he did it was a heck of a story!!! Jerry's book is due to release soon. We'll keep you posted on where and when you can get it. You wont wanna miss this real life story as it unfolds, it even ends with a murder... 

The Horses and riders for Jerry's documentary were all supplied by Extreme Outlaw Rides here in Utah. They use many adopted Wild mustangs in the video and pictures so see if you can figure out which ones they are. These are amazing animals that are part of Americas History that once roamed FREE on american soil and now are given a life, to learn to trust and discover a new way of being. 

The beautiful Buckskin in the middle lives on the Wild West Mustang Ranch right here in Utah and is a Wild Mustang. Her name is Cassidy, adopted by West Taylor in 2010 from the BLM. She is from the Onaqui Herd in Utah

For more info on Jerry's Book and many more Outlaw Stories of the Wild West check out our Facebook page  
The next step in our journey is to create a TV pilot to send out to many interested networks and show Hollywood how we do it out here in the West.

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