Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Cowboy's saddle

          Outlaw Story of the day...

A Cowboy's saddle was his pride and joy.There were many good saddle builders back in the day. A 14 inch swell, a long tree, and a high cantle, it's a working cattleman's saddle. Butch Cassidy had a favorite saddle, and it is said, he cared little for those he found in Bolivia. The tree from his favorite saddle to this day is called "The Butch Cassidy" These guys lived in the saddle, and believe you me they KNEW what did and did-not work. These outlaws pulled off some of the most famous rides in history.

This is a photo of one of the guys from Extreme Outlaw Rides that has worked with Outlaw Stories of the Wild West in creating some amazing horse and rider footage for a documentary and a Pilot for a TV show that is in the making! Check it out on the Kickstarter page 

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