Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
Filming for the Documentary

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Modern day Cowboys runnin to The Roost

Every Spring and every fall the Cowboys of Wild West Mustang Ranch get itchin to head on out to Gods country and ride around the Old Outlaws playground at The Robber's Roost. It's just too hot to be riding around in the heat of the summer and the Desert Winters are way too dangerous to get caught out in.
 As you can see everyone enjoys coming to The Roost. Mom's, Dads, Kids, in laws and Outlaws. There's something for everyone. Riding, Hiking, Driving tours, We even had a local artist Kami Taylor come out and paint a desert landscape right here in camp.
The riding can get a bit hairy at times and there's no shame in getting off and walking a bit. 

No matter how many times we see the Wild Burro's out here at the Roost it never gets old. Watching them is quite entertaining and if your lucky enough to see the babys they are darn cute. They look like a bunch of Giant rabbits.

Always fun to see who gets a little crazy and can do the biggest jumps. Lots of Rock Hoppin going on. This is not for all to do but its amazing just to stand around and watch. 

 Some just come to sit and enjoy the peace and the quiet of the great outdoors. It's the perfect place to just sit back meditate or just read a good book.
 We always have a great time around the campfire, good company great food, some amazing stories and if your lucky we'll be having a Dutch oven full of Mutton, taters and my wife's famous cobbler.
 Check out our Kickstarter Project on how to support our up coming TV Pilot on Outlaw Stories of the Wild WestHope to see ya all out to The Robber's Roost! 

                                This Photo was taken at the Famous Motel 6 out at Robber's Roost

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