Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Outlaw Art

Local artist Kami Taylor has been involved with the filming of the Documentary, Discovering the Sundance Kid for 3 years now. She has found a connection with the Outlaws of the Wild West and has done many paintings along the way. She often says she is married to a modern day Outlaw, Her husband is West Taylor of Extreme Outlaw Rides and she lives on the Wild West Mustang Ranch full time in Fremont, Utah. Kami has adopted 2 Wild mustangs herself and finds great joy in painting the horses and the cowboys that have come and gone over the past few years.  

This oil on canvas painting is called "Hollywood Outlaws" She painted it for herself as she is a fan of Robert Redford and Paul Newman.
This oil on canvas painting was a fun experiment with a new style. "Modern day Outlaws" was Painted from a photo taken at the old Motel 6 at Blue John Spring on a cowboy trip out to Robbers Roost. Kami herself is the woman in this painting.
This painting is a watercolor she painted while at the Roost and named it "The Outlaw" This piece was painted as a gift to her Father in law "Crazy Kelly" who has spent many nights out at the Roost and traveling around in search of the Outlaw Stories of the Wild West.

This painting was a present for her husband West Taylor. This oil on canvas piece is of him jumping an old log on his first Moab Mustang "Norman" This horse has passed on and West has replenished his herd with Wild Mustangs  he has adopted through the BLM and Mustang Heritage Foundation. You can follow his herd and the use of these Mustangs in the Documentary and a pilot for an upcoming TV series on Outlaws of the Wild West at Extreme Outlaw Rides 

This oil on canvas Wanted Poster was a commissioned piece by Author and Friend Jerry Nickel for his book, The Real Sundance Kid, My Great Grandfather. Jerry's book is scheduled to be released summer 2013. You can get you own Wanted poster/self portrait as a "reward" for supporting the up coming Kickstarter Project for a TV pilot on the Outlaw Stories of the Wild West.

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