Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Caffeinated Cowdog

Its the 2nd night out in the Roost for me and my gang (Saddle horse Cassidy, Pack horse Diesel, trusted dog Bullet). I am out here in the most remote region of southern Utah to do some filming for my Kickstarter Project. I have made it into the inner camp that the Outlaws used to hide out from the pursuing posse. I made my campfire right next to the remains of their campfire spot. Set up all my grub..well whats left of it after my pack mustang Diesel decided it was his duty to test every knot, string, strap, and buckle on my pack rig the day before. After a decent dinner of MRE "chunky chicken" I wondered over to my cowboy kitchen sandstone table top and made up a cup of instant coffee.             
 now the cowboy kitchen sandstone table top is not close enough to the camp fire to provide much light. I dumped some instant coffee in my cup, looked in to see how much made it in the cup..too dark to tell, so I added a bit more...After heating up my cup o joe on the fire I gently sipped what I wanted to be a relaxing cup of cowboy juice by the fire while gazing at the awesome display of stars one can only see from the bottom of Horseshoe canyon...  no light pollution here!!

Once the cup got close enough to smell...I could tell right away I may have added a slight amount too much on the instant coffee, after a small sip...CONFIRMNED way too much coffee, now I like to say I am cowboy tough and serve it to me hot and black...not man enough to take another sip of this rocket fuel!! I left the cup close to the fire....thinking maybe in the morning I will feel a bit "tougher". I awoke in at first light, rolled out of my bedroll, noticed that the horses were still hobbled and within eyesight of camp (that feels good!!)

Thought I may take another chance at the coffee....Thats when I remember waking up somewhere in the night to sounds of my dog drinking, tongue lapping act....I looked at my coffee cup still sitting upright by the now burnt out fire...EMPTY! I glanced over at my dog...who has been circling around my campsite since I got up...she cant hold still......around my bedroll....around the campfire.....around my cowboy kitchen....out to the mustangs...back to camp...hahahahha Never would have thought the dog liked coffee, She does however "think she's a cowboy" Very entertaining having a Caffeinated Cowdog :)
                                                                     Now she sleeps! ~Wild West

 If you would like to support our endeavor check out our Kickstarter Project for a TV pilot on Outlaw Stories of the Wild West. The Horses and riders were all supplied by Extreme Outlaw Rides here in Utah. For more information a book is about to be released and you can get it at Outlaw Stories of the Wild West. A Documentary on the whole project is being created by Mike Karr of Scene by Scene Productions.

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