Robbers Roost

Robbers Roost
Filming for the Documentary

Friday, February 15, 2013

Wild Mustang Training

The ground is starting to thaw and spring is in the air. The horses are a bit frisky and haven't been worked all winter so the first time out is always a little bit fun, you never know what their gonna do.

This is "Kid" named after The Sundance Kid, He is a 4 year old Mustang. Adopted in 2011 by West Taylor of The wild West Mustang Ranch and has been used in the filming of a Documentary for Author Jerry Nickel as a result of the finding in his up and coming book, The Sundance Kid, My Great Grandfather. He is from the Onaqui Herd located here in Utah.

This is Cassidy, named after Butch Cassidy the infamous Outlaw. He was famous in these here parts. Cassidy also lives at The Wild West Mustang Ranch and was from the same Herd as kid. They were gathered at the same time and adopted together so they have been barn buddies since the beginning. Based on looks they could be family.

This is Diesel, he was adopted by West last summer as a part of the Mustang Heritage Foundation's  Supreme Extreme Mustang Challenge and was in a competition in Texas last fall. Diesel is from the Las Vegas, NV herd is one of the favorites here at the Wild West Mustang Ranch and  has been an active part of the journey of discovering the Outlaw Stories of The Wild West. He will be heading out to Robber's Roost here in a few days to do some filming for the up and coming Kickstarter Project for the TV show Pilot we are launching this month. We'll be sure and keep you posted.   

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